Calvary Baptist Church of Burbank

Who is Jesus?

Historical Perspective

In October of 1940 a group of Christians, united in their desire for freedom in missionary support, met in a Burbank home. They became organized as an independent Baptist Church and were legally incorporated as "Calvary Baptist Church of Burbank" on May 23, 1941. There were 76 charter members. The first pastor, Dr. Stanley H. Bailes, had been called to shepherd the flock of believers by April 1941.

Desiring to have a permanent place of worship, the church soon purchased the lot at the corner of S. Glenoaks Blvd. and Elmwood Ave. The lot was dedicated with ground breaking ceremonies and the Honorable Walter F. Hinton, Mayor of Burbank, delivered an inspirational message. The building was soon under construction with a group of volunteer workers from the church donating their time and skills. Since this was during the second world war when young men and materials were scarce, a lot of ingenuity was required to complete the project. Finally, on Sunday, March 21, 1943, the new building was formally dedicated to the proclamation and teaching of the Word of God.

In February of 1947 the church became affiliated with the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches and this association has been maintained throughout its history.

Our Church in the Context of World History