Calvary Baptist Church of Burbank

Who is Jesus?

Are you going to heaven?

Find Us on Northbound side of S. Glenoaks just North of Alameda

The Church Without a Parking Lot Lyft icon Uber icon

Yes, that's us. We have no parking lot. Even if we did, it would be tiny. But don't let that discourage you from coming! There are many communities all over Los Angeles with far worse parking than ours and if you're a millennial with a smart phone, you know what Lyft and Uber are! Park your car in your home garage where it belongs and let your driver drop you off and pick you up at the front door of the church for just a few dollars. It's the modern way to beat the parking crunch and who knows? You might even get to chat with the driver about the reason for your eternal hope.

wheelchair icon Wheelchair Accessibility?

This old church building wasn't designed with wheelchairs in mind but that doesn't mean you can't get around. We are in the process of making changes to better accomodate wheelchair seating and movement. Wheelchairs can access the Worship Services and Adult Sunday School which are both on the ground floor. Your ride can drop you off at the corner of S. Glenoaks and Elmwood where there is a red zone. Enter the sanctuary by the forward double-doors on either side of the sanctuary. The bathrooms behind the sanctuary can be entered by narrow wheelchairs.