Calvary Baptist Church of Burbank

Are you going to heaven?

What to Expect on Sunday

We follow a regular order of service that includes music (we love to sing), scripture reading, offertory, sermon and doxology. We like to sing classic hymns as well as modern praise music so you'll find a mixture of both every Sunday followed by an encouraging sermon that is well-grounded in a straight-forward interpretation of Scripture. We celebrate The Lord's Table (or communion) about once a month. (This memorial was established by Christ and is the only part of the Jewish Passover meal that non-Jewish Christians continue to celebrate regularly.)

What to Expect on Wednesday

On most Wednesday evenings from 7:00 - 8:30PM, adults gather for a time of Bible Study - usually led by our pastor. This meets in the ground floor Social Hall located behind the Sanctuary and is accessible either through the Sanctuary or by the outside door between the two buildings. The Wednesday night Bible Study is very interractive and a good time for asking questions of yourself, the pastor and others as we delve into the richness of Scripture. Singing and prayer are always a big part of our time together.

We do not currently have enough kids to form a midweek children's ministry but that could change!

We've got room for you!

Have you given your life to Jesus as your Lord and Master, now living a lifestyle of repentance and obedience to His written word? If so, then you have spiritual gifts that can bless Burbank and the world! Why not exercise those gifts here? If, however, you're not sure if your commitment to Jesus is quite all that - then just listen and learn. Let us help you come to a better understanding of His power to transform your life through Bible study, prayer and real life application.

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