Calvary Baptist Church of Burbank

Are you going to heaven?

Sunday School at 9:30AM

Church in a Media Town

Burbank may be the "Media Capital of the World" but that doesn't mean every aspect of our lives must revolve around electronics. In fact, in a town where many residents live and breath media production, they often crave a peaceful break from the buzzing phones, whirring motors and crackling radios. At Calvary Baptist Church, you won't find a TV studio, theatrical lighting or a red carpet; you'll find an environment of simplicity and harmony where you can worship and grow without any anxious pressures.

There is Room for You!

Since 1941, Calvary Baptist Church has served the Lord in the Burbank community with congregations of various sizes and demographics. Our ministries reflect the spiritual giftedness and cultural diversity of our membership. Here at Calvary Baptist, we think that church is a place where God (Father, Son, Spirit) should be praised and honored above all else and the Christian walk made more understandable and attainable in a confusing world. Church should be a place where God's children can come together for mutual support, encouragement and help as we seek to grow in our inward lives of faith with courage and optimism.

Join us as we seek to know Christ intimately, obey Him unreservedly, proclaim His salvation with boldness and glorify Him in every area of our lives.

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